5 Must Know Factors to Consider Before Buying a New Mattress

So, it is time to buy a new mattress. You must have calculated your budget by now. However, to make sure that you have a good rest every night and do not suffer from that back pain again in your life, you must be very careful while choosing the mattress for your bed. Do not get overwhelmed though. With our wide range of mattresses, you can easily find the best mattress to suit your need. To buy the best mattress for your bed and enjoy sleeping like never before, consider these five simple but important factors:

Mattress Size

Mattresses come in different sizes. When you plan to buy one, make sure it is not bigger or too smaller for your bed. The most common mattress sizes are King Size Mattresses, Queen, Twin Mattress, Twin XL and Full. Choose one according to your bed size and make sure it fits the bed snugly, avoiding any space or lumps while placing the mattress on the bed, which may result in attack of pests inside the mattress.

Mattress type

The mattress type largely depends upon the kind of material that has been used to make it. The most common mattresses are made with memory foam, latex mattress, or innerspring, which claim to adjust themselves to the shape of your body. However, some of them such as memory foam mattresses have been associated with back pain and therefore you must be extra careful while buying one. Apart from these mattress types, mattresses with adjustable bases are also available at Spine & Vigor which can be modified according to your sleep pattern.

Comfort level

When buying a mattress, you must look into the fact of how comfortable it is. Remember, you spend almost 6-8 hours in your sleep and an uncomfortable mattress can be a significant factor behind your drowsy feeling in the morning, which often comes with a terrible back and shoulder pain. Purchase a mattress that will adjust to your sleeping posture and enable you to enjoy a sound sleep.

Sleeping positions

Sleeping positions control one’s sleep significantly. Therefore, while buying a mattress, determine if the material suits to adapt to your body shape whichever your sleeping posture is, and provides you total comfort and support to your hips, shoulder, spine and neck. Spine & Vigor’s firm, non-sagging mattress is ideal to protect you from any pain and ensures a sound sleep.

Budget and Warranty

Mattress companies offer mattress of various features which calls for hike in prices. However, most of the time, it is noticed that they provide no value for money. On the other hand, some cheap variations are really ideal for your sleep position. It is although advisable not to go for the cheapest options always as they may result in a compromise on the quality of the mattress. In addition, when you wonder where to buy cheap mattress, make sure you ask the dealer for a warranty card before the purchase procedure ends.

You can find your perfect mattress at Spine & Vigor because their mattress maintains all above qualities and will surely fit in your budget. Spine & Vigor has Viscon fabric and 100% natural fire barrier which will give comfortable sleep and healthy life.

There may be situations where you find that you suffer from a certain health issue which affects your sleep and want to buy a certain kind of mattress for getting rid of the issue. On the other hand, your partner may have a different issue and a different sleeping position altogether. Spine & Vigor mattresses are suited to every sleeping posture, which allows people to sleep in their own comfortable style and adapts to their sleeping pattern, rather than them having to sleep according to the type of the mattress.