Busting Mattress Myths – Flipping A Mattress Regularly Will Make It Last Longer

When it comes to flipping the mattress, I can only imagine myself wrestling with a puffy object; I hope that counts as a workout. Your mother or grandmother must have instructed you to flip your mattress every six months because it keeps the mattress in the best possible condition. However, this is not the truth. The mattresses today are one-sided and don’t need to be flipped at all.

The bottom of the mattress is made in a way that it must support the weight and movement; so what is the point of flipping the mattress and make the sunk in part as the base? The newer generation of the mattress is made with different comfort layers on the top and thus makes the whole process of flipping the mattress useless.

Should You Still Flip Your Mattress?

If you are still using the traditional mattress fluffed merely with cotton or other such soft material, then yes you need to flip the mattress once one side is completely sunk in. But, if you are using a modern premium mattress like ‘The Majestic’ offered by Spine and Vigor, then there is no need of flipping. Instead of doing the traditional flip, you should instead rotate your bed 180 degrees every six months to make sure that your weight has distributed equally over all the sides of the mattress. This will be helpful in the first couple of years of breaking in the mattress.

If you love to sleep on a particular side of the bed or the same spot every day, then the body might leave an impression, and this is when the rotation comes in to make sure the mattress keeps performing healthy. Depending upon the materials used, there is no specific answer to the ‘how often’ questions, but our experts recommend rotating the mattress every three months to once a year for a longer lifespan.