How to Choose the Best Spine Friendly Mattress

Sleep is a means to replenish the body before one can start a new venture the next morning. However, people often wake up to tiredness and back pain which hinder their daily productivity. The worst part is that chronic back pain can lead to untimely health deterioration, which directly affects one’s lifestyle. Most of us often overlook mattresses as a cause of back pain, but it is an important factor to consider. To make sure your back pain never again hurts you, you must give your spine the comfort of an adjustable mattress that will conform to your body posture at the time of sleeping.

Buying a spine-friendly mattress can be overwhelming. To make it easier, we have come up with some easy ways that will help you find the best-rated mattress for your body.

Mattress life

How old is your mattress? On an average, the lifespan of an ideal mattress is about 10-12 years. If you feel your mattress has started sagging, or is showing lumps on random parts, it is time to buy a new one.

Mattress type

There are certain types of mattress which are determined by the material used. While some are hybrid, some contain latex, innerspring or memory foam. Good mattresses have a medium thickness which allows maximum movement of the body without any harm. Spine & Vigor Majestic Hybrid Mattress provides you both memory foam and tencel viscon fabric, to ensure easy heat release. Natural fabrics are the best because they allow the body to breathe easily.

Mattress budget

The factor of budget while buying a mattress can be quite tricky. While some expensive products don’t offer value for money, you cannot rely on their cheap counterparts too. The only solution is to allow experts to help you get the best in the market. In addition, the budget is also based on which type of mattress you wish to buy.

Sleep posture

This is undoubtedly the most important factor to consider while buying mattresses. Your sleep position may be the reason behind your back pain, because your mattress is unable to respond to your movements while you are asleep. Whether you sleep on your back, side or your stomach, the thickness and the material of the mattress has a big role to play. If you are someone who loves to sleep on your back or on your stomach, then a mattress of medium thickness is ideal for you. On the other hand, for people who like to sleep on their side, a thicker mattress is good for them.

Sleeping on a mattress minus the back pain largely depends on the abovementioned factors. However, if you are sleeping with a partner, make sure neither you nor the other individual faces trouble while sleeping. Therefore, it is important to purchase a mattress which has the capability of adjust underneath your body weight and give you the feel you desire. Spine & Vigor mattresses are designed keeping all the factors in mind to have a desirable contour that adjusts to your sleeping position so that you do not feel that back pain coming back. It has high density memory foam to support pressure points and special comfort layer for even weight distribution. The 100% natural fire barrier and tencel fabric makes Spine & Vigor mattress a necessity as it gives lots of health benefits. Give relax to your spine with Spine & Vigor Mattress and forget pain!!