Love a particular sleeping position? Which mattress to choose?

You never gave your sleep much of a thought when you were a child. However, as you grow older your body has a tough time in falling asleep easily. Often you have to change your sleeping patterns for getting a sound sleep, which results in a lot of problems such as back or shoulder pain, heartburn and the like. On the other hand, you wish you could sleep in a certain position but cannot because your mattress does not allow you to sleep in that manner. Therefore, in order to eliminate health issues and enjoy a good night’s rest, you must look out for a suitable mattress according to your sleeping position.

Here is a guide on how you can choose the best mattress to buy considering your sleeping position so that you do not have to compromise on your sleep.

Sleeping on one’s back

Although this may not seem a very comfortable sleeping position, there are people who get most of their sleep from this position. However, this sleeping posture may come associated with back pain. The most surprising part? This is most recommended sleeping position by doctors. You must, nevertheless buy a mattress that allows maximum support to your neck and shoulder while sleeping in this position.

Sleeping on one’s side

Sleeping on one’s sides is the most common way of sleeping. However, choosing the wrong mattress for sleeping can lead to chronic back pain among people. In addition, people who love to sleep on their sides are likely to find themselves in a log position causing pain. This sleep position keeps the spine little curved so you must look for a soft mattress such as the Majestic Mattress from Spine & Vigor that ensures optimal support to your hips, back and shoulder with its 1.5’’ special comfort transition layer that distributes your body weight evenly.

Sleeping on one’s stomach

The best part sleeping on your stomach is that it prevents you from snoring. However, sleeping in this position can cause your spine to form a curve resulting from a strain in the neck and back. Thin layered mattresses are ideal for helping you sleep in this position.

Facing Difficulty in Falling Asleep?

If you are one of those people who find sleeping in one position painful because no certain sleeping posture can keep them comfortable for a long time, you must switch to a type of mattress that adjusts to your sleeping position. The layers of foam present inside the mattress will adjust themselves and give you a sound rest, enabling you to get ready for new challenges the next day.

People spend at least 6-8 hours of their day sleeping to recover from the daily fatigue and face the next day. Also, the human body is designed to be in a standing position but when we take rest, the brain feels heavy and therefore we cannot sleep in that position. Therefore, it is very important to choose your mattress carefully. Spine & Vigor mattresses are affordable mattresses and perfectly designed to suit your body posture while sleeping so that you do not feel tired after waking up. They are made of natural fabrics, which allow your body to breathe and release excess heat gradually. They have wide range of mattress with ultra-soft tencel fabric and comfort filling that allows air to pass through spacer between memory foam and fire barrier. Spine & Vigor also have high density blue gel memory foam to support pressure points. Forget your sleep woes now!