Our Story

When it came to finding a solution for permanent relief from pain, Spine & Vigor decided to take matters into its own hands.

After four years of continuous back problems and unlimited doctor visits, Vik walked into the chiropractor appointment that changed his life, for good. He neither suffered any back injury nor had any major accident, yet he woke up every day with severe pain that doctors couldn’t seem to cure. Experimenting with a number of expensive “luxury” mattresses offered him no relief. In fact, it made things worse. Using his family background in furniture upholstery and input from a spine expert, he decided to take matters into his own hands. This is how Spine & Vigor was born!!.

On a Mission to finding True Comfort

With the help of his chiropractor, he started the process of designing a custom mattress. For a year, they experimented with various combinations of foams and materials to build a sleep surface that would provide just the right degree of orthopedic support. After forty days of sleeping on the mattress creation, Vik’s back problem was solved. His chiropractor advised the same mattress to his patients and they were surprised at the outstanding results – their back and neck pain, gone in a month’s time. No, it wasn’t magic; this whole concept took numerous sleepless nights of getting hold of just the right materials for the ultra-soft feel, yet strong base support.

They had built something that could help people feel better and live better – pain-free, without medical bills. Spine & Vigor is our way of sharing that feeling with the world.

“Back pain keeps so many people from living the life they deserve. Sleeping on this mattress changed everything for me, and I’m excited to be helping others to wake up happy with a healthy, affordable solution.” – Vik, CEO

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